Asus EAH3850 OC GEAR World’s first hardware based real-time overclocking device for graphics cards

Asus EAH3850 OC GEAR/HTDI/512M is the world’s first hardware based real-time overclocking device for graphics cards – the OC GEAR comes bundled with AMD graphics cards. This new version of the Asus OC Gear will allow users to overclock both the memory clock and GPU clock for greater graphical enhancements. The Asus EAH3850 OC GEAR incorporates the fastest DDR3 0.8ns memory modules, and as such, will provide users with over 12% enhanced overclocking performance and gaming experiences. This powerful graphics card also utilizes the latest thermal solution – the Glaciator Fan sink; that utilizes a unique fan sink design to keep GPU temperatures cool. With an easy-to-read mirror LED display, the Asus OC GEAR displays real-time graphics card information that includes the GPU temperature and current FPS (Frames per Second). In addition, the user-friendly knob allows timely adjustments for the user to switch menu options that include volume, GPU clock, memory clock, and fan speeds to suit different game requirements.

The Asus OC GEAR is the perfect tool to conveniently overclock, control system settings, and keep an eye on temperatures from the front of the chassis. Installing the OC GEAR is also hassle-free – even for first-time PC DIYers. Users simply need to install the OC GEAR into the chassis through an internal 4-pin USB connector to convey power and information to the motherboard, and that’s all that’s required – it’s that simple!