ASUS EcoBook world’s first notebook to use bamboo paneling

ASUS groundbreaking concept notebook – the EcoBook, is unique as the first notebook to be made using bamboo and is built according to environmentally friendly principles, reconciling the world’s reliance on computers with the need to preserve the Earth. Bamboo has great significance for Asia; it is a beautiful material and a natural choice for evoking the Asian Zen minimalist design that informs the EcoBook. As a natural material, each piece is unique, making each Asus EcoBook distinct from another. It can undergo several treatments to achieve a variety of colors or even laser etched with designs limited only by the imagination. It is also tough and resilient. Moreover, bamboo is found in abundance, grows very quickly, and as opposed to plastic, it is biodegradable.

On the surface, the EcoBook represents yet another triumph in a longstanding tradition of materials innovation by ASUS and is a concept notebook that is the world’s first to use bamboo paneling. That the Asus EcoBook successfully accompanied a Mount Everest expedition is litmus proof for the EcoBook’s robustness, even under extreme conditions. This success is also symbolic to the dedication that ASUS puts in developing technologies and IT solutions that not only enhances the daily operations but also with care for the environment in mind.