ASUS EN8500GT TOP high-performance graphics card

ASUS EN8500GT TOP/HTP/256M features astonishing over clocking performances and a unique fan sink design and will be released with the ASUS exclusive official World Touring Car Championship game – RACE THE WTCC. The Asus EN8500GT TOP graphic card also utilizes a new generation of specially designed cooling fans that effectively dissipates heat away. With 25% more surface area, the fan sink makes for better cooling, and can lower temperatures by 18ºC in comparison to reference design boards. With the Asus EN8500GT TOP, gamers can expect engine clock performance boosts from 450MHz up to an incredible 600MHz. Gamers will be able to feel the adrenaline rush of gaming at unprecedented performance levels only with the ASUS EN8500GT TOP/HTP/256M graphic card.

RACE THE WTCC is the first game that focuses on the hard-hitting and intense action of the exciting WTCC Championship. The game recreates the championship vividly and is life-like in its representation and simulation of the cars and driving styles. Graphic card ASUS EN8500GT TOP/HTP/256M with powerful performance and high quality brings out the best visual experience of this highly realistic racing game.