Asus Formula Series graphics cards with unique double cooling solutions

Asus Formula Series graphics cards are immediately distinguishable by the incorporation of a visually arresting, streamlined aerodynamic hood that is modeled after the sleek profile of a Formula One race car. This aerodynamic design delivers up to 7% more airflow for superior cooling. Additionally, its revolutionary heatsink with Micro Surface Treatment Technology improves heat dissipation by up to 14%. To give enthusiasts more bang for their buck, the Formula Series graphics card cooling fan has been made dust-proof. This durable dust-proof fan design extends its lifespan by up to 10,000 hours, which is 25% longer than traditional fans.

With its enhanced features, the Asus Formula Series graphics card offers 33% better efficiency in heat dissipation and 30% quieter operations compared to the industry benchmarks. The Asus Formula Series includes the Asus EAH4890 Formula and Asus EAH4770 Formula.