Asus G Series Power Supply for high level of stable power output

Asus has released the new Asus G Series power supply. Encompassing both 1000W and 850W versions, the G Series allows users to easily achieve stable, high voltage performance. Equipped with cutting-edge innovations and capable of delivering reliable, constant high-voltage power, this state-of-the-art power supply is capable of conforming to the demanding needs of today’s ever-changing hardware requirements for overclocking—where stable and high performance power is paramount. The Asus G Series makes use of a Japan-made capacitor that provides enhanced stability, performance and durability, while the enlarged venting holes, 13.5cm ball-bearing fan and cable sleeves ensure better ventilation and internal airflow within the system.

With the 80 PLUS specifications (up to 86% power efficiency) certification, the Asus G Series is able to provide a high level of stable power output, even during overclocking. It also features an active PFC function, which helps to improve voltage stability and delivers environmentally friendly power with a high power factor (PF) of up to 99%.