Asus GT 440 graphics card with Super Alloy Power for smooth gaming

An instant upgrade over integrated graphics, the new Asus GT 440 graphics card is ideal for driving multimedia center PCs while enabling smooth gaming. The Asus GT 440 includes Super Alloy Power technology, featuring a special alloy formula used in power delivery components such as capacitors, chokes and MOSFETs. It instantly lowers average operating temperatures by 35°C , extending product lifespan 2.5 times and improving overall performance by 15%. The Asus GT 440 further ships factory-overclocked at 822MHz, or 12MHz more than reference cards, and comes with Asus’ Voltage Tweak for easy overvolting for up to 50% faster clock speeds.

The proprietary Asus Dust-proof Fan design ensures up to 25% longer fan lifespan than generic offerings due to its double-sealing build, which repels dust and other debris to improve cooling and longevity. It runs quieter than the coolers on reference cards, creating a more pleasant environment for home theater enjoyment.