Asus Innovative AF-200 and MF-200 webcams

Asus innovative webcams AF-200 and MF-200 utilize a specially designed ultra big F/1.6 aperture similar to those specialized camera lenses used by professional photographers. Together with a broad 80° angle of view and a 2.0 Mega-Pixel precise auto-focus (AF-200) function, these webcams truly herald in a new generation of detailed and vivid imagery for video calls. The Asus AF-200 is equipped with a high resolution 2.0 Mega-Pixels auto-focus lens that can capture noiseless, clear video and still pictures in vivid color without manual focusing or software enhancements. Both the AF-200 and the MF-200 showcase an astounding 30 FPS frame rate and VGA resolutions of 640 x 480 for flowing video images – making videos appear smoothly without stuttering or tearing. Additionally, the AF-200 takes still images with an amazing 8.0 Mega Pixel high resolution, and the nimble auto focus function allows the subjects to jump right into focus for clear images without fuzzy focal points. With its ultra large aperture of F/1.6, the AF-200 / MF-200 provides the brightest and clearest visuals under any light condition.
The Intelligent Face Tracking Function automatically keeps the face accurately in the center of the video frame – freeing the user to move around and still be the main focus in any video conference.

Asus AF-200’s 2.0 Mega-pixel precision auto-focus function allows users to save business card details directly into their contacts. For both models, the ASUS Webcam Companion lets users capture, edit, and organize their images and videos with ease. This feature can also monitor and detect motion and start recording automatically – ideal for security functions.