Asus KFSN5-D High Performance AMD Platform Serverboard

capacitor.jpgAsus recently launched the Asus KFSN5-D serverboard to meet user demand for a platform that provides efficient enterprise-class and computing intensive applications. Featuring Asus’ unique PIKE and Flex-E technology, the KFSN5-D incorporates cutting-edge technology to include support for the AMD Quad-Core / Dual-Core Opteron chipset, DDR2 667/800. Asus provides an optional PIKE 1064E (4-port SAS), PIKE 1068E (8-port SAS) and PIKE 1078 (8-port SAS with Hardware RAID5 & RAID6) to directly upgrade SATA storage to SAS storage; and supports various RAID functions without any other hardware upgrade. The Asus KFSN5-D contains 16 DIMM slots to provide support for up to 64GB of DDR2 533/800Reg. ECC memory–providing excellent computing capabilities while reducing heat generation from memory modules.

The Asus KFSN5-D delivers optimized power efficiency of up to 90% and beyond–exceeding the power efficient quotient in comparison to generic serverboards and offers a significant reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), especially for enterprises and IDC deployments that provide numerous server systems for 24×7 non-stop services.