Asus launches World’s Most Compact Sound-bar Speaker series Powered by USB 2.0

Asus today announced the launch of its first ever multimedia speaker series- uBoom Compact Notebook Speakers. The Asus uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers are designed to provide high fidelity audio and heart-thumping bass via a maze-like reflex port, which is then channeled through speakers designed to place the user in the audio sweet-spot. Both the ASUS uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers feature USB 2.0 connectivity for audio output. 50% smaller than conventional 2.1 speaker set-ups, the Asus uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers effectively replace the onboard sound with a high fidelity codec for enhanced audio enjoyment.
Cylindrical in design, the Asus uBoom doubles as a notebook dock which offers a greater amount of air-flow for more effective heat dispersion. Its full aluminum body eliminates unwanted overtones, thus delivering a wholly satisfying listening experience for videos, movies and games.

With the Asus uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers, users can enjoy their movies, videos and games in greater clarity and bass. A specially designed maze-like reflex port delivers adrenaline-pumping bass, while powerful satellite speakers place users in a sweet-spot of high fidelity sound.