Asus Marine Cool Concept Motherboard features Onboard UPS!

Asus has unveiled its new Marine Cool concept motherboard. Eschewing traditional materials, this motherboard boasts a revolutionary technology—dubbed the Ceramic-Metal Thermal Module—that utilizes two different materials (ceramics and metals) to double cooling efficiency and thus allow it to work even in the most demanding of usage environments like high humidity and heat. Sporting a color scheme with gun-metal gray and metallic military-green highlights, together with a heatsink styled after a rugged military armored vehicle (symbolizing sturdiness and reliability), the overall design exudes a feeling of military-grade technology and reliability. Additionally, this motherboard features Onboard UPS—a built-in polymer battery for extra backup power and a server-standard Failover Memory design to help sustain system boot-up.

The Asus Marine Cool motherboard also features Onboard UPS—a built-in polymer battery that serves as an extra backup power supply that activates when a power failure is detected. This helps to avert damage dealt to onboard components, loss of critical files and data corruption due to inconsistent and fluctuating power caused during unexpected blackouts.