Asus Mini PC Nova P22

The space-saving new Asus 2L desktop PC – the Nova P22 integrates an Intel’s Desktop Core 2 Duo CPU, WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.0 technology for robust multitasking and communications; and it does so operating at a mere 25db (below human hearing) for uninterrupted multimedia enjoyment. Through the pair of built-in HiFi speakers located at the front of the Asus Nova P22, users will enjoy high quality music without the need for extra speakers. For home theater configurations, the Nova also supports 5.1 channel speakers with Dolby Digital Live or DTS connect technology. Supporting the 802.11n wireless standard, the Nova’s high transmission rate of 300Mbps allows users to easily download a 30-minute HD video in 44 seconds without any lag! The embedded Bluetooth device also provides effortless multimedia and data streaming between the Nova and other peripherals like notebooks and handhelds.

The Nova P22 fits into any environment with ease – whether it is a working desk, a book shelf or a spacious living room. The lively color and the creative pen holder handle, together with the touch sensor button design, reflects the user’s individualistic tastes and adds style to surroundings. The Nova P22 with its exuberant, trendy color scheme, streamlined design, touch sensor button, and stylish stand make it not only an enjoyable home companion, but also a fashionable interior decoration.