Asus MS-71 World’s Smallest 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

Catering to users who require a compact pointing device for total user convenience, Asus today released the Asus MS-71 Ultra-Mini Wireless Mouse. Heralded as the world’s smallest 2.4GHz wireless mouse, the MS-71 proves that there is truth in the adage of “Good things come in small packages”. Ideal for use together with small and portable notebooks like the Asus Eee PC, the MS-71’s compact size however, belies its interior, where several key innovations provide total user convenience through exceptional power management for power savings, quick charging and much more.
Providing 800 dpi of resolution, Asus MS-71 is able to provide sharp and responsive tracking for precise cursor movements; while the 2.4 GHz RF receiver provides users with wireless capabilities of more than 30m. The Asus MS-71 is also equipped with intelligent power management capabilities, and when left idle is able to automatically enter a power saving mode – providing up to 75% power savings.

With just 3 minutes of quick charging time, users can enjoy up to 1 day’s worth of operating usage time! What’s more, with an embedded protective IC for extensive overcharging voltage protection, users can rest easy that the MS-71 will never run the risk of overcharging; while the detachable USB receiver dongle with quick-charging dock provides easy portability and great convenience for charging on the go.