ASUS NVIDIAC55 chipset Motherboard P5NT WS

The ASUS P5NT WS motherboard is built on the NVIDIAC55+MCP55PXE chipset structure which supports a LGA775 Socket for running Intel Dual-core /Quad-core CPUs and two NVIDIA SLI graphic cards with Dual x16 speeds on the same platform. This allows the user to enjoy the best CPU and graphics for the system build. The ASUS P5NT WS motherboard is fitted with solid Aluminum capacitors and a conductive polymer to help secure perfect system stability. These high quality materials also help ensure that the motherboard will have a longer product life time. The innovative Heat-pipe Thermal design of the P5NT WS motherboard effectively directs the heat generated by the chipsets to the heatsink near the back IO ports – where it can be dissipated by existing airflow from the CPU fan or optional fans.

This unique Heat-pipe design highlights how fanless designs effectively curb the problem of chipset fans breaking down. The PCI-X Structure of the Asus P5NT WS motherboard is a newer, higher speed version of the conventional PCI standard. It is also fully hardware and software backward compatible to previous generations of PCI. With the addition of the PCI-X interface, the Asus P5NT WS motherboard provides much more options in I/O configurations for SOHOs and power users to custom-build their ideal working or entertainment environment.