ASUS P5K3 Premium motherboard

Asus P5K3 Premium motherboard provides exceptional functions and utilizes Turbo D3 – a superb overclocking technology that guarantees overclocking above DDR3 1500 and reduces clock cycle timing by 50% for random data access. The P5K3 Premium motherboard utilizes the cutting-edge Perfect T-Tree Design to provide users with simultaneous random data access on every memory chip.
What this means is that data access to each memory chip occurs at the same time, instead of conventional DDR3 Fly-by Topologies that require time to be spent waiting for one by one random data access. This reduces clock cycle timing by 50% for random data access – thereby ensuring faster memory speeds. Additionally, an innovative Hyper PCB Design provides good power delivery and cleaner signals with less crosstalk. It also provides more ground layers to provide better heat dissipation for thermal purposes – allowing users to enjoy faster speeds for better overclocking.

This powerhouse motherboard also supports Super Memspeed technology for outstanding performance and overclocking margins. With quiet thermal solutions that include the new generation 8-phase power design, StackCool 2 and the Pure Copper Heat Pipe, users will be able to enjoy quiet thermal solutions. Additionally, the Asus P5K3 Premium also comes with the latest AI Gear 2 that saves up to 50% of CPU power usage. Furthermore, bundled ASUS exclusive tools like AI Slot Detector allows the user to safely install computer components. The Asus P5K3 Premium motherboard provides users with decreased temperatures, stable overclocking, lowered noise levels and energy savings.