ASUS P5M2-E/4L Serverboard for 390% Faster Data Transfers

The Asus P5M2-E/4L is a single-processor server board, which supports the Dual-Core / Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor 3000/3200 Sequence and delivers drastic performance upgrade. The P5M2-E/4L supports dual channel DDR2 533/667 memory, providing customers with an ideal platform for 64-bit computing at an affordable price. The Asus P5M2-E/4L is featured with four Gigabit Ethernet Controllers which supports Quad-LAN “Teaming” for “Load-balance” and “Fail-over” function. The Quad-LAN Teaming technology enhances networking transfer rate up to 390% compared to single-LAN platform. In addition, the multiple network segment settings are able to connect separate subnets individually which enhances the network security and communication efficiency.

The Asus P5M2-E/4L comes with five expansion slots: equipped with three PCI 32 bit/33Mhz slots support for legacy device, one PCI-Ex8 (x1 link) and one PCI-Ex16 (x8 link) with higher bandwidth for high-speed I/O Expansion, providing users with more choices. Asus P5M2-E/4L is bundled with ASWM2.0 system management software by default, a user-friendly web-based management and monitoring system.