ASUS PCI-E Interface Audio Card Xonar D2X

Asus now offers users more audio choices by introducing the first PCI-E interface audio card Xonar D2X. Providing solutions for the gaming audio issue found in Windows Vista by utilizing DS3D GX, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for best voice communication quality, the Asus Xonar D2X will provide best gaming experience. ASUS Xonar family of audio cards utilizes an ASUS exclusive technology – the new DS3D GX extension in the Xonar D2X driver; to provide full support for surround sound and hardware accelerated features by translating DirectX to the DS3D GX. While other solutions like OpenAL requires special installation and game support, DS3D GX doesn’t. Gamers can enjoy DirectX gaming with hardware enhanced surround sound and EAX effects automatically and immediately after installation.

The Asus Xonar D2X includes the innovative “Acoustics Echo Cancellation” (AEC) technology to facilitate the best online voice communication quality. AEC can eliminate up-to-40dB speaker echo return and suppress noises that would otherwise enter the users’ microphone – making the Xonar D2X the best audio card choice for online chatting in VOIP applications (Skype, MSN, Google, QQ, etc.) or online gaming.