ASUS ROG Blitz Extreme motherboard

In order to cater to increasing demands of gaming enthusiasts for an outstanding gaming performance motherboard, ASUS has released the brand new ROG Blitz Extreme motherboard. The Asus Blitz Extreme motherboard provides awesome Overclocking speeds and challenges performance limitations. Equipped with the innovative Crosslinx technology for increased performance, it utilizes the Fusion Block System – an effective 0dB fanless design cooling system with a chipset waterblock that adds onto a power user´s existing watercooling circuit to help keep operations cool. Additionally, SupremeFX II not only increases the sound quality, it also enhances aesthetic value. The Blitz Extreme also adopts the Intel P35/ICH9R chipset and supports cutting-edge DDR3 dual channel memory and Crossfire Technology – making it the Overclocker and Gamers first and best choice.

The ASUS ROG Blitz series of motherboards also comes in two other versions – the ROG Blitz Formula and the ROG Blitz Formula (Special Edition). Both versions will come with Crosslinx, however only the ROG Blitz Formula (Special Edition) will contain the Fusion Block System.