Asus RT-N13U WI-Fi router allows downloads to a USB storage device even after the PC is turned off

The Asus RT-N13U Wi-Fi router does multiple duties as a true focal node of home entertainment, productivity and social networking, all while replete with user-friendly features and added value. The new Asus RT-N13U is a multi-function device that serves as much more than a router—it’s also ideal for managing printers and scanners, and works great as an FTP server. Users can easily set up their broadband connection, hook up printers and scanners to several PCs, and quickly manage files with the FTP server feature, all on one single platform. This wireless router is entirely plug and connect, so the time from first hook up to full connectivity is measured in mere minutes. Asus RT-N13U pulls up to a whopping 300Mbps and comes with EZ Bandwidth Prioritization, an intelligent interface to optimize connections for a lag-free environment.

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Download Master is another amazing feature of the RT-N13U, allowing for downloads to a USB storage device connected to the router to continue even after the PC is turned off. An image of the file being downloaded is created as it’s requested right on the RT-N13U’s on-board storage space, which is then transferred to external storage with no need for the source PC to be involved. Users can manage large files without having to leave the computer on for prolonged periods, saving power and time in the process. As an AP and repeater, the RT-N13U is invaluable in expanding and managing wireless networks. It can help users and administrators structure the availability of Wi-Fi in a home or office environment, at the same time extending coverage while boosting connection performance.

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