Asus Scented personal laptops

Enjoy a breath of fresh air in the world of personal laptops and celebrate individuality with the Asus F6 scented notebooks. The compact and stylish Asus F6 engages the eyes with attractive motifs and for the first time, our sense of smell with infused scents. Available in four captivating designs and fragrance- Floral Blossom (for ladies), musky scent, Morning Dew and Aqua Ocean, these special edition notebooks not only look good, but are also expressions of the user’s taste and character!

In addition to the sleek design, the Asus F6 is the ideal compact notebook for effective and reliable computing in daily work and play. Sift through photo albums, play audio files, surf the web and video conference with wireless networking and an integrated high resolution webcam. The F6 is further equipped with a fingerprint scanner that takes data access authorization and protection to a higher level with its biometric accuracy.