Asus Silent Square EVO with Inner Fan Technology for maximum heat dissipation

To satisfy growing needs for gaming enthusiasts who require enhanced performance and quiet acoustics for gaming needs, ASUS has announced the new Silent Square EVO CPU cooler. The name EVO is a short-form for evolution, and the Silent Square PRO is enhanced by adding a dynamic fan speed control instead of a fan speed control kit for efficient heat dissipation for the latest quad-core processors. With this improvement, this superior cooling performance can rival those of water cooling systems. ASUS’ innovative inner fan design allows it to be positioned inside the frame for maximum airflow, while the voltage regulation shield inside the cooler directs airflow created by the 9cm fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules), which effectively reduces VRM temperature by 10-15˚C.

The Asus Silent Square EVO is able to support the Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad Quad-Core CPU (LGA775) and AMD AthlonTM64 FX/X2 Dual-Core processors (939/940/AM2). With support for so many different processors, the Silent Square EVO is ideal for users who wish to overclock their systems, and the power consumption of 130W to 160W provides them with more choices.