Asus Splendid HD1 Video Enhance Card Upgrades Generic VGA to True HDMI

The new Asus Splendid HD1 video enhance card is an astounding piece of hardware which is able to increase picture quality for HD content to deliver sharper, more vividly colored visual outputs. Asus Splendid HD1 video enhance card can even enhance lower resolution inputs by recovering image clarity when viewing legacy content for viewing on LCD TV or monitors; as well as provide true HDMI with audio and HDCP. With the implementation of Asus’ exclusive Splendid technology into a video add-on card, users will be able to enjoy full 1080P entertainment on their monitors. Able to provide an authentic Asus LCDTV video solution to any PC, this card helps fill in the gap between viewing content on the PC and traditional Consumer Electronic devices.

Asus Splendid HD1 video enhance card is also able to provide HDMI upgrades with true Audio & HDCP certified protection – allowing users to enjoy enhanced PC video and audio quality to easily change your generic PCs into true HTPCs for an outstanding multimedia experience. The Asus Splendid HD1 is able to automatically select the best possible display modes to deliver exceptional quality visuals.