ASUS TA-89 Chassis with Advanced Front and Rear Fan Ventilation

ASUS has announced the TA-89 Series chassis – which incorporates an advanced ventilation design, injury-proof installation, easy access to hardware components and a large hardware capacity for customized PC building. The Asus TA-89 supports dual 80mm rear and front fans, with the option of upgrading the front fan to a 120mm large fan in order to create even better airflow at lower fan speeds and a quieter computing experience. The side venting holes pull in cool air to lower CPU and graphic card temperatures and the air-duct funnels the cool air towards the CPU, while unique rear venting holes enhances ventilation around the add-on cards. This comprehensive cooling design enables long and continuous operations for the most powerful processing platforms and increases overall system performance and stability.

The screw-less hard drive cage with user-friendly holders and side panels with thumbscrews enable easy system upgrade and maintenance. The Injury-proof hard drive cage and folded metal edges protect fingers from scrapes and cuts. The spring-opened optical drive door allows quick access to optical devices, and intelligently located USB ports avoid mutual interference when multiple USB devices are connected. All of these features make the AsusTA-89 series an easy-access DIY installation chassis.