ASUS TS-8 Slim Chassis Series with Perfect Thermal Efficiency

ASUS has introduced the new TS-8 slim chassis series to accommodate users who want a stable and flexible chassis solution. With its compact dimensions and the ability to dissipate heat efficiently, the Asus TS-8 is a perfect mini PC addition to smaller homes and offices. The TS-8 series’ thermal capability fully supports Intel’s P5 Prescott 3.8GHz CPU and SATA hard drives. The TS-8 series provides the best of both worlds – being both compact and expandable. Based on the mATX form factor, the TS-8 chassis provides drive bays for two optical drives, one 3.5” drive and three hard drives; and space for four add-on card expansion connections for future upgrades.

With tool-free drive cages, installing optical drives is a simple process. Simply slide the drives in, and they are ready to go. The detachable hard drive cage permits users to easily install hard drives away from the computer – eliminating the need for users to contort their hands in a chassis’s cramped environment. Thumbscrews are also implemented on the side panel for easy removal and access to system interior. ASUS TS-8 Slim Chassis Series Chassis available in 4 colors measures 140 x 360 x 410 mm and comes with a 250W (SFX) Power Supply. ASUS TS-8 Slim Chassis Series Offers Compact Designs with Perfect Thermal Efficiency.