ASUS Unveils Latest Game Notebooks G1 and G2

ASUS today announced the fist two notebooks designed for mobile gamers. Based on the latest Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology with advanced graphic solutions, the Asus G1 and G2 revolutionize the way games are played with blistering speed and true-to-life video and audio performances – on the go! Available in two sizes, 15.4” (G1) and 17” (G2), the widescreen notebooks are presented with design details incorporated to elevate the overall experience, including an OLED instant display, side/front speakers, hotkey highlights as well as sidelights. The LCD cover of Asus G1 and G2 with special in-mold decoration design not only gives the notebook an instant game machine identity that simply stands out from the generic notebook design but it also makes the surface more resistant from paint chipping off. The full-sized keyboard of G1 and G2 makes mobile gaming ergonomically comfortable while the W, A, S and D keys are especially marked with color squares to match the rest of the notebook color scheme for convenient access at one glance. The Game and Night View Modes are great for extra gaming effects that not only sharpen the image details but also enhance the outlines ideal for underlying stealth actions.

ASUS exclusive Net4 Switch Utility detects available network in the surrounding environment and allows users to select and make a switch anywhere, ensuring smooth connection transitions on the go. Besides Bluetooth 2.0 Connectivity, a complete range of input/ output ports offers dynamic data transfers and storage including, USB ports, TV-out port, card reader and express card slots. ASUS Power4 Gear+ power management extends battery life up to 20-25%, providing a reliable and continuous operation power.The Asus Game Notebooks G1 and G2 with advanced graphic solutions and exclusive display technologies offer true-to-life mobile gaming.
Via asus