Asus Z7S Workstation Motherboard bags Intel Innovation Award

Asus Z7S WS workstation motherboard has been conferred an Innovation Award from Intel. This revolutionary motherboard caters to users who require a platform with robust performance and high speeds; as well as superb expansion slot interface support. The innovative Asus Z7S Workstation Motherboard is equipped with dual socket 771 and utilizes the latest Intel 5400 chipset for robust performance. It comes in a compact CEB form factor–allowing users to enjoy convenient slot expansion and fast, reliable work efficiency.

Asus Z7S WS is equipped with dual CPU sockets, 6 FB-DIMMs, and rich I/O options, while still fitting into the compact CEB form factor (12″ x 10.5″)–allowing users to build up a small and compact whilst extremely powerful workstation system.The Asus Z7S WS’ particular heat-pipe design increases durability, component lifespans and enhances thermal capacity – producing less heat than traditional heat sink designs and in turn providing highly efficient operations and enhanced stability during operation.