ATP -SIP eUSB SSD-Worlds first eUSB built using SIP technology

SIP_eUSB_app.jpgThe ATP Industrial Grade SIP eUSB SSD is a Solid State Drive based on industrial grade temperature SLC (Single-Level Cell) NAND flash memory, providing transfer speeds up to 30MBytes/sec and extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The ATP SIP eUSB SSD has been designed for industrial applications where space is limited. At only 28.2mm high, 15.3mm wide and 6.2mm deep, it sits comfortably on the 10 pin internal USB connector. It is ideally suited as a bootable device in Servers or Embedded and IPC systems. The ATP SIP eUSB SSD utilizes advanced Static and Dynamic Wear leveling to increase endurance and built in error correction for data integrity. The ATP SIP eUSB SSD is fully water/moisture proof, dust proof, shock proof, vibration proof and ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) proof.

With a broad range of densities, and support for multiple operating systems, eUSB SSD provides the flexibility needed for a wide array of applications. Small, frequently used files or even an entire operating system can be stored in the eUSB SSD. Without moving parts or refresh demands, ATP SIP eUSB SSD typically requires 100mA of power to read data, reducing power consumption beyond that of standard HDDs and SSDs using other interfaces (IDE, PATA or SATA).