AUO to showcase Worlds first Deadzone-Free Naked Eye 3D notebook panel at FPD International 2010

AUO will showcase the world’s first deadzone-free naked eye 3D notebook panel at FPD International 2010. AUO combines lenticular lens 3D technology with SuperD’s naked eye 3D solution to create deadzone-free 15.6″ notebook and 10.1″ tablet PC 3D panels that do not require the use of special glasses. This technology will provide consumers with a more convenient and comfortable 3D viewing experience. The new AUO 3D panels deliver high brightness and Moiré-free image quality. Both 2D and 3D modes can operate concurrently on the same display, and the viewer can switch back and forth between the two modes while retaining high resolution.

With an eye-tracking system that captures viewers’ eyeball movements, AUO’s deadzone-free naked eye 3D technology overcomes the confined viewing angles of conventional 3D displays. Regardless of location, the viewers will be able to perceive 3D images of equally high quality. Not only will there be better 3D images to see, the audience will also feel much more comfortable not having to be confined by viewing angles.