B Giga Internet service from SK Broadband takes just eight seconds to download a 1GB video file

SK Broadband today launched its B Giga Internet service in South Korea. This service offers the speed of 1 gigabyte per second, about ten times faster than that of existing optical LAN service which has the speed of 100 megabytes per second. With 1 gigabyte per second speed, user can download a 1 GB video file in just eight seconds! SK Broadband’s Giga Internet service will consist of B Giga Internet Light (500Mbps), B Giga Internet (1Gbps) and an optional service B Giga Wi-Fi (standard type, 300Mbps).

SK_BroadbandThe Giga Internet service will be available at a monthly fee of 30,000 won ($28) for B Giga Internet Light (500Mbps), 35,000 won ($33) for B Giga Internet (1Gbps) and 1,500 won ($1.40)for B Giga Wi-Fi (300Mbps) based on a three-year contract.

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