BenQ DW1800 & DW1680 DVD Re-Writer with BenQ’s exclusive SolidBurn technology

BenQ expanded its optical storage lineup with the launch of DW1800 and DW1680 DVD Re-Writer. The DW1800 and DW1680 offer 18x and 16x writing speed respectively and both feature BenQ’s exclusive SolidBurn technology and convenient QSuite application package. The DW1800 offers a fast DVD RAM writing speed of up to 12x, currently the fastest available on the market and supports both DVD+R and DVD-R Double Layer recording at 8x. The BenQ SolidBurn technology uses a smart self-learning writing strategy that allows drives to burn unknown discs with solid burn quality. The BenQ SolidBurn Technology uses a sophisticated self-learning writing strategy algorithm that eliminates the need for frequent firmware downloads and the output of the algorithm is a writing strategy with optimal jitter value.

The BenQ DW1800 & DW1680 DVD Re-Writer offer superior optical writing with over-speed burning while maintaining at an excellent burning quality. Users can take advantage of the QSuite application package which includes a variety of convenient functions such as QScan function and Test Write function.