BenQ G922HDL-World’s First 18.5” LED Monitor

benq_LED_monitor_a.jpgBenQ, continues to forge ahead in the LED display revolution with the introduction of two new models, the G Series 19” W G920WL (16:10) and the 18.5” W G922HDL (16:9), which is the world’s first LED display in the 18.5” W segment. By employing LED backlighting, the BenQ G Series offers brilliant visuals that enhance productivity and eye comfort in the workplace. The BenQ G920WL and G922HDL exhibit zero light leakage, enabling an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) of 5 million:1. BenQ’s patented Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology offers one-touch optimization of image richness, clarity, and depth using preset modes calibrated to specific applications: Standard (office and Internet), Movie (DVD and TV), Game, Photo, sRGB (for 100% color consistency across all sRGB devices), and Eco (for power-savings).

The BenQ G Series provides flicker-free performance ideal for long-term viewing (such as at the office) and improved visual comfort. Both models have D-Sub and DVI. The G Series displays are certified TCO 5.0, RoHS, EnergySTAR 4.1, EuP, and will be certified advanced EnergySTAR 5.0 in Nov ’09; and have received the China Energy Label Level 1 recognition. The new BenQ displays will be available in China, Europe, and the Asia Pacific beginning mid-August.