BenQ V2200 Eco- World’s first 21.5” LED widescreen monitor

BenQ today announced the official launch of their 24” LED widescreen and the world’s first 21.5” LED widescreen, namely the Full HD 1080p V2400 Eco and Full HD 1080p V2200 Eco, respectively. The new BenQ V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco employ the latest in monitor display lighting, namely LED (light-emitting diode) technology. Both BenQ LED models are superbly engineered with zero light leakage, enabling an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 5 million:1 for intense blacks and extreme whites. This unparalleled benefit unique to LED technology reveals never-before-noticed fine details and near-infinite color variations while BenQ’s Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology further amplifies image richness, clarity, and depth…even in the darkest scenes. Both new V Series models also feature Eco mode for 30% less power-consumption without compromising visual enjoyment.

The energy-efficient, mercury-free LED panels of the BenQ V Series Eco consume approximately 36% less power than traditional CCFL displays. Additionally, the new models are lighter (-14.6%) and thinner (-21.2%) than CCFL displays of comparable screen size, which saves on packaging (+56%) and affords more efficient shipping.The BenQ V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco are certified TCO 5.0, RoHS, EnergySTAR 4.1, EuP Energy, PC3R, and EPEAT Gold, and will be certified advanced EnergySTAR 5.0 in Nov ‘09. The two new displays will be available worldwide starting in China mid-August.