Broadcom Announces World’s First CMOS 40G Serial Mux/Demux Chipset

Broadcom today introduced two new chipsets in its expanding line of 40 gigabit products. The two serial multiplex/demultiplex (mux/demux) chipsets are the world’s first 40G CMOS-based solutions that enable tri-rate CFP (C-form pluggable) modules and VSR/DPSK applications (very short reach/differential phase shift keying). Both of the mux/demux chipsets take advantage of 40nm process nodes and are engineered to achieve best-in-class performance. They also deliver the industry’s lowest power consumption — only two watts combined and 60 percent lower than the nearest competitor.
The Broadcom BCM84145 demux and BCM84146 mux chipset work together to receive and transmit data within 40G serial CFP modules. The BCM84147 demux and BCM84148 mux also receive and transmit 40G serial data and are targeted for VSR and DPSK applications. Both chipsets offer high-speed data rate support ranging from 39.8 to 44.6 Gbps. They are also available in standard 14mm x 14mm BGA (ball grid array) packages. The use of standard BGA packaging results in a substantial decrease to the total system cost.

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