Buffalo and Bandai joints hand for a safe exclusive child PC

Buffalo Corporation Japan has joined hands with toy maker Bandai Japan to help kids from the danger of internet and adult movies, images etc stored in a PC. To overcome this hazard Buffalo and Bandai has come out with a simple unique product-USB kid’s key. When you connect the kid’ key to the USB port of a PC, the PC is automatically turned to “kids’ mode”. Now the child is able to browse only safe sites like Yahoo for kids and also is blocked from adult movies, images, your important documents etc which may be already stored in the PC.
Whenever kid mode is turned on a different kid movie starts with a different message at the end. Different versions USB kids are available. When Mickey Mouse version key is used the desktop has Mickey Mouse wall paper. There are five icons from which the kid can enjoy working with the PC. You also have Toy box mode for young kids who can enjoy simple flash games.

At present Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh version is available. The product will be available from 14th September and price will be announced during launch of the product. Still we need to teach our children that the Internet is like a very large city. There are lots of good things, some bad things, and a few very bad people.