Buffalo BHB4-U207 series USB Hub cable

buffalo_01.jpgThe “BHB4-U207 series” from Buffalo Corporation is a USB Hub with cables branching out into two and four USB2.0 connectors. This cable avoids the difficulty, interference faced when connecting USB cables in a PC as USB ports are places side by side. To connect or remove USB cables in a PC becomes difficult some times. With BHB2-U207 you can connect maximum of two USB2.0 equipment at a time and four with BHB4-U207. The connectors can be stacked or placed side by side as per the situation. The cable is compatible with OS Windows 98 SE/Me/2000 (SP4) /XP (SP2) /MCE 2004/MCE 2005, Mac OS 9.0~9.2.2.

bhb2-u207_set.jpgThe Buffalo BHB4-U207 series USB hub measures 24×13×62mm. BHB2-U207 weighs 53g; BHB4-U207 weighs 77g and is available in 4 different colors. The USB hub cables are available for approximately 2,079 Yen ($17) and 2,499 Yen ($21) respectively.
Via Buffalo (Japanese)