Buffalo DH-KONE/U2MA USB2.0 digital TV tuner for Apple Mac

Buffalo Japan has launched the USB2.0 digital TV tuner DH-KONE/U2MA for Apple Mac. With built in booster circuit and high sensitive tuner and double noise filter you are assured uniform reception with superb sound clarity. The small stylish antenna assures clear reception. For more clarity and reception you can connect the Buffalo USB2.0 digital TV tuner with your home antenna using F type connector conversion cable. PCastTV software allows video recording of digital broadcast. The Buffalo USB2.0 digital TV tuner DH-KONE/U2MA can be operated with your Apple remote for channel change etc.

The smallest and light Buffalo USB 2.0 TV Tuner DH-KONE/U2MA for Apple Mac measures 19.5×63.8×9.6mm, weigh 15.7g and will be available in Japan from mid August for approximately 13,125 Yen ($111).This product is for the Japanese Domestic Market only.