Buffalo HD-MU2 series HD turbo USB for Mac

Buffalo HD-MU2 series with TurboUSB function is now available for Mac series also. With TurboUSB function the rate of data transfer is approximately 33% fast when compared with standard USB 2.0 transfer rate. The new Buffalo HD-MU2 series is available in three different models with 320GB, 500 GB and 1TB HDD drives. With fast data transfer HD-MU2 series is ideal for professional photographers and video shooting. Also available separately is the OP-FAN-WH fan unit to cool the gadget. With 1 TB model HD-M1.0TU2/F-WH cooling fan unit is standard.

The Buffalo HD-MU2 series will be available by late July in Japan. Price starts from 18,900 Yen ($155) for 350 GB to 61,500 Yen ($503) for 1 TB.