Buffalo RSDU-S series SD memory card

The new Buffalo SD memory card “RSDU-S” series features a USB connector. The USB connector is in the centre of the card for easy operation. You can use the card directly without a card reader. The card confirms SDMI standard. Rather than folding in half to reveal the USB connector, the Buffalo USB RSDU memory cards come with a large cover that you remove to reveal the USB connector. The new Buffalo SD memory card RSDU-S series is available in capacities from 256MB to 2GB from late November.

The 2GB capacity Buffalo RSDU-2GS card is available for approximately 13,800 Yen ($117), 1GB RSDU-1GS for 6,980 Yen ($60), 512MB RSDU-512MS for 4,980 Yen ($42) and 256MB RSDU-256MS for 3,480 Yen ($30).
Via buffalo (Japanese)