Casio Announces Business-Use Label Printer with PC Connectivity—KL-G2

Casio announced today the release of a new product in its Label it! lineup of label printers—the KL-G2. This label printer allows users to make labels with the unit itself, as well as create many kinds of labels with ease using a connected personal computer. The new Casio KL-G2 is compatible with personal computers running a Windows operating system. By connecting the KL-G2 to a computer via USB and using the bundled software package, users from around the world can design their own label layouts and easily create labels in their native language with fonts installed on the PC.

Casio_KL-G2_multi_languabe_printer_imagesThe Casio KL-G2 is a high-performance printer capable of printing at 20 millimeters per second, and it is equipped with an auto cutter with a half-cut function. It also comes with functions for helping improve efficiency in busy stores and businesses, including a number printing function that comes in handy when producing a sequence of labels, and a time stamp function for inputting the day’s date at a touch of a button.
Casio_KL-G2_multi_languabe_printerWith the KL-G2, users can create their own labels while checking the layout on a computer display, as well as produce labels using the various fonts installed on their PC in the language of their choice. Moreover, 13 kinds of bar codes can be printed when connected to a PC (seven when using the unit alone), making this label printer highly useful for making business more efficient. Users can select from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, or Indonesian as the operating language shown on the unit’s display. The KL-G2 can create labels in 31 different
languages, including the eight aforementioned operating languages as well as Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, and others.
Casio_KL-G2_multi_languabe_printer_labelsThe Casio KL-G2 comes with eight installed fonts, 60 logo designs combining frequently used words and illustrations, and another 642 illustrations and symbols. It also features an enlarged print function that allows one large label to be created on multiple label sheets, and an index function for creating header labels attached to the end of paper and file partition tab labels that can be folded over the tab.
LABEL IT! KL-G2 Main Specifications
Keyboard Layout QWERTY
Display – LCD 128 x 64 dots with backlight
Available Tape Sizes 24 / 18 / 12 / 9 / 6mm
Printing Resolution 128 dots / 200dpi
Unit of Length Switching cm / inch
Printing Speed 20mm/sec.
Maximum Printing Height 16mm
Maximum Printing 8 lines
Fonts Sans-serif / Sans-serif Rounded / Roman / Courier / Pop
/ Slab Serif / Bordeaux Heavy / Cursive
Character Styles Normal / Bold / Outline / Shadow / Raised
Character Effects Shading / Underline / Box
Alphanumeric Characters 62
Special Characters / Symbols 397
Illustrations 245
Accented Characters 179
Frame Printing 65 types
Auto Cutter with Half-Cut Function Yes
Extended Printing Yes
Index Labels Yes
Time Stamp Yes
Print Preview Yes
Adjustable Tape Length Yes
Mirror Printing Yes
Printing Direction Horizontal / Vertical
Printing Number Setting 100
Design Logo Printing 60 *Available in 8 languages
Barcode Printing
PC Connection
GS1 Databar
QR Code
Data Matrix
Numbering Yes
Languages Supported 31 Languages
Message Switching
8 Languages
(English / Spanish / German / French / Italian / Swedish /
Portuguese / Indonesian)
Print Job Memories Approx. 2,000 characters
Copy / Paste Memories 49 characters x 9 jobs
Auto Power Off Yes
Maximum Number of Input Characters 255
Battery Life Approx. 2 rolls (continuous printing)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 67.5 x 202 x 212 mm
Weight Approx. 850g (Not including batteries)
Power Supply AC adaptor AD-1832L (included)
or 8 x AA-size alkaline (LR6) batteries (sold separately)
Bundled Accessories
PC software CD-ROM x 1
for Microsoft® Windows®8 / Windows®7 / Windows Vista®
/ Windows® XP SP3 (32bit)
AC adaptor (AD-1832L), sample tape x 1,
instruction manual, warranty

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