Christmas is coming! PQI announces Santa Claus U826 limited edition Intelligent Drive

This year, in order to give everyone a memorable surprise for the Christmas season, PQI is pushing up the unveiling of an exclusive limited edition Intelligent Drive U826.The U826 uses a special COB packaging technology to give this rugged USB water, dust, and shock-proof capabilities, while the exterior is created using a soft and elastic rubber material.The USB head is hidden in Santa’s toy bag. When taken out of his bag, out pops mischievous Santa in his snowflake boxers! Santa’s right hand waves joyfully as if seeing an old friend, while his left hand holds the presents that everyone has been waiting for. On top of all that, his adorable grin makes this Santa simply irresistible!

The PQI U826 provides both a 4GB and 8GB version for you to choose from, and comes along with a silver pearl chain which can be matched with other accessories according to your own personal taste. It is the perfect present for this warm and festive season.