Cooler Master announces Notepal U3 Plus laptop cooler with three patented quick release fans

The Cooler Master NotePal U3 Plus laptop cooler is elevated in the back to allow for comfortable typing. That’s not all. Just turn the aluminum surface around, place your laptop inside and attach the included safety belt to turn it into a carrying case. Three patented quick release fans can be adjusted to your specific laptops layout, target and eliminate your laptop’s heat zones.

NotePal U3 Plus is made from a lightweight aluminum material that has been hairline to a smooth surface. It’s clean, elegant and easy to carry.The lightweight aluminum surface conducts and dissipates laptop heat. It’s perforated to allow natural airflow that drops your temperatures even without the fans.
CM_NotePal U3 Plus_fans
Three 80mm moveable fans allow you to pin point the hot spots on any laptop model, including the MacBook Pro. The fans pull heat away and are powerful enough to drop hard drive and CPU temperatures by several degrees, which can prevent hardware failures. Yet they’re so quiet that you’ll barely hear them. The NotePal U3 Plus supports laptops up to 19”. Rubber corners keep the laptop in place while acting as cable management hooks.

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