Cooler Master announces Power of Silence – Silent Pro M2 Series

Cooler Master today launched the successor to the popular Silent Pro M, the Silent Pro M2 Series. The Silent Pro M2 features a powerful single 12V rail capable of powering a HighEnd PC with 8 Core CPUs and several VGAs running in SLI or X-Fire. A new 3.3v DC-to-DC board increases overall energy efficiency. Utilizing newer high quality capacitors results in vastly improved hold up times of >23ms on the 1000W model. With this, Silent Pro M2 Series can handle peak loads better than ever before by delivering power with minimal interruptions. Its new specifications include RoHS and ERP 2010 Certification for a more eco-friendly design and power efficiency.

Thanks to its skillfully crafted aluminum-copper heatsink combined with a 135mm Super Silent HDB fan it remains cool and virtually silent in typical operation. The modular cable system with flat wires helps you to create a neat and organized build with excellent airflow resulting in a cool and quiet System overall. The Silent Pro M2 Series comes with no less than a 5 year warranty!

The 135mm fan has been improved by making use of a durable Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing. This increases overall fan lifespan and reduces noise. The Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 Series will be available in 420W, 520W, 620W, 720W as 80 Plus Bronze and 850W and 1000W models as 80 Plus Silver.

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