Cooler Master announces V-series high Performance PSU’s

Cooler Master V-series high Performance PSU’s is based on a powerful single rail platform with outstanding voltage stability, ripple suppression and efficiency. Thanks to a 135mm high quality FDB fan and a fine-tuned fan profile. The V-series PSUs are extremely quiet, even under full load. The brand new all black, extra slim flat-ribbon cables make cable management a breeze, enabling nice and clean builds with the best possible airflow. Cooler Master V-series PSUs are made with the highest grade Japanese electrolyte and solid capacitors, as well as high quality 42mm transformers. The custom interface PCB aligns all rails to reduce voltage plane cross-over, which keeps crosstalk, EMI and droop to a minimum.

Efficiency is especially good at low system load, typical when browsing the web or watching videos. Since most PCs spend 90% of their uptime in this state, power savings here are much more relevant than 1 or 2% higher efficiency at full load. This is why the future Titanium spec will require 90% efficiency at 10% load, something the advanced design of the V series already reaches today.

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