Cooler Master announces VS series Power Supply with unique 3D circuit design for high efficiency

Cooler Master today announced the efficient & powerful 80 PLUS Gold VS Series Power Supplies (PSU). Cooler Master VS Series PSUs are manufactured with a unique 3D circuit design. This special design minimizes unnecessary cabling which results in lower crosstalk and signal noise. Less cables means more open space to provide improved airflow to core components. A single, powerful rail platform channels the power of VS Series PSUs for superior load balancing and better compatibility with graphics cards. High-grade Japanese capacitors help mitigate the affect of power fluctuations while extending overall PSU system life and creating excellent holdup times.

A custom DC-DC module increases operational efficiency and voltage stability. A firm 80 PLUS Gold certification is the net result of these many improvements. Cooler Master VS PSUs include a semi modular flat ribbon cable system. Only the most basic system cables are directly attached, leaving it up to the user to decide what will be necessary for their build. The VS Series will be available in 450W, 550W, 650W, and 750W models. Price and availability may vary based on region. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.

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