Cooler Master unveils new CPU Cooler V4 GTS with Evolutionary Horizontal Vapor Chamber Technology

The Cooler Master V4 GTS is the latest addition to Cooler Masters famous V-series of Performance Heatsink featuring a powerful car engine look. The V4 GTS CPU Cooler is the first ever mainstream CPU heatsink to utilize horizontal vapor chamber cooling and combine it with heat pipe technology, V4 GTS is equipped to cool processors with some of the most demanding heat outputs. The V4 GTS includes a 100% pure copper horizontal vapor chamber base that spreads heat up to 8x faster than heat pipes helps cool your processor like never before. This works in tandem with a full copper quad heat pipe array that quickly transfers heat from the vapor chamber to the heatsink fins that are uniquely engineered for the V4 GTS.

This heatsink design focuses on a specially angled fin tower that effectively directs airflow and improves surface area. These many improvements and Dual XtraFlo PWM fans all contribute to a formidable new addition to the V Series of CPU Coolers from Cooler Master. Adding, removing, and performing maintenance on fans is made hassle-free by utilizing a fast clip-on fan mounting bracket. V4 GTS is available now. Price and availability may vary based on region.

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