Cooler Master announces USNA 120W Universal laptop and portable device charger

The Cooler Master USNA 120W design is based on the notion that an all-encompassing power solution can be simply and elegantly executed to provide power to most laptop and USB-powered devices. It brings added value through extended features and a space-saving, ultra-slim form factor. The USNA 120W Universal Laptop Charger comes equipped with two high power output USB ports that charge devices 30 to 50% faster than a PC USB connection. One USB port provides a 1A power output that far exceeds typical PC USB port power output.

USNA 120W .jpg
You can use it to charge your favorite digital music player, smartphone, GPS or any other USB-powered device. At a 2A power output, the secondary USB port can rapidly charge larger devices such as Tablet PCs. Two LED indicator lights notify the user when these fast charging cycles are in process or have completed.
Never search for a power cord again with 10 included charger tips that can be swapped on-the-fly to quickly power most laptop brands. Maintaining an eco-friendly energy efficiency of up to 90%, The USNA 120W provides a high 19V output that often exceeds that of the original notebook power adapter. The USNA 120W Universal Laptop Charger will be available at retail and online locations worldwide in September, 2011.