Cooler Master CM 690 PC chassis a joy to work with

topventilation.jpgCooler Master has launched the new CM 690 PC chassis, which incorporates mesh panels for increased thermal efficiency. The Cooler Master CM 690 effectively blends together both form and function, offering users a mid-tower chassis without compromise. The unique Cooler Master mesh design not only gives the PC chassis modern good looks, but also facilitates excellent thermal performance. Inside, users can install up to seven 120mm fans for high-efficiency ventilation, making the CM 690 perfectly suited for today’s high-powered hardware. A 80×15 mm fan can even be installed at the rear of the motherboard tray to keep the CPU area well cooled. Other innovations like the bottom-mounted power supply, top mounted ventilation holes and retaining holes for water cooling units makes the CM 690 the ideal choice for systems that require the utmost stability.

HDDrack.jpgWith its roomy interior, the Cooler Master CM 690 is the only mid-tower on the market that is able to accommodate NVIDIA 8800 Graphics Cards in SLI configuration. Featuring a multitude of cooling options, the CM 690 still manages to keep system noise down to a minimum, thanks to features such as hard drive racks that feature anti-vibration pads and shock migration bars. And because users don’t want to be wrestling with their hardware, a tool-free design and smart cable management features make the Cooler Master CM 690 a joy to work with.