Cooler Master SNA 95-Worlds smallest 95W adapter

Cooler Master SNA 95 is designed based on the simple notion to provide Total Power Solution not only for laptop users, but most kind of USB charged electronic devices. The eight multiple tips allows to charge most notebooks available in the market. White LED indicator lights up when your notebook is powered on. If a USB device is charging, the LED intelligently switches to a blue LED.

As the smallest 95W adapter in the world, SNA 95 is offering excellent mobility with its slim shape and light weight. SNA 95 is user-friendly, providing convenient storage and cable management with its unique H-shaped reel base and carry bag. Cooler master SNA 95 fits nicely into any notebook carrying bag when not in use. This slim design adaptor measures 75 x 17 x 145 mm and also makes it a very attractive accessory to complement prized notebooks.