Corsair 850 watt power supply for Gamers

Corsair recently announced the launch of the Corsair TX850W power supply unit (PSU), the latest addition to the award-winning TX-series of high-quality PSUs. The Corsair TX850W boasts a dedicated +12V rail capable of delivering 70A (840W), which equates to 98.8% of the PSU’s total power output. This makes it ideal for high-end graphics cards and multi-core CPUs, such as the latest Intel Core i7-series, all of which require high amounts of stable power at 12V.

The Corsair TX850W offers greater than 80% energy efficiency, resulting in less heat, less noise and lower electricity bills. The high-quality, temperature-controlled 140mm fan provides effective cooling at whisper-quiet noise levels under typical conditions. Four 6+2-pin PCI-E cables are provided and the TX850W have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with NVIDIA SLI and ATI Crossfire solutions. The Corsair TX850W also boasts extra-long cables to support full tower chassis.