Corsair Announces World’s First High-Performance memory modules for Mac

Corsair announced today the world’s first high performance memory modules (1GB-4GB) made especially for the Mac. The new Corsair memory modules are the industry’s first low latency modules specifically tuned for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop computers. Memory bandwidth has a critical impact on the performance of many of the advanced computing applications used by Mac consumers. Corsair’s Mac Memory features special Serial Presence Detect (SPD) profile characteristics, so that Macs can self-configure for optimal performance for critical applications.

Testing has demonstrated that as much as a 28% overall system performance improvement is achieved with the new Corsair low latency memory modules versus standard Mac upgrade memory.
Corsair low latency Mac memory module VSA4GSDSKIT667C4 is immediately available for $159.99 USD MSRP.