Corsair HX650W modular power supply for enthusiasts and gamers

Corsair today announced the launch of the Corsair Professional Series HX650W modular power supply. The Corsair Professional Series HX650W uses industrial-grade components, ensuring stable, clean and reliable voltages, and delivers the vast majority of its total power output (96%) on its single 52A +12V rail. This is essential for reliably powering today’s PCs with multi-core CPUs and graphics cards. The Professional Series HX650W is also tested and guaranteed to operate at 100% load at an ambient temperature of 50°C, guaranteeing stability and reliability no matter the conditions.

The Corsair Professional Series HX650W also boasts an innovative cabling configuration that uses flat modular cables — including 4 x PCI Express connectors for SLI and CrossFire configurations — that help maximize airflow through the chassis. The Corsair Professional Series HX650W meets 80 PLUS BRONZE certification standards, ensuring a minimum efficiency of 82%, and typical efficiency of 85%.